We’ve worked on 100+ UX/CX projects over the past 15 years. While all are different – our role is always the same.

We make sense of data, insights and anecdotes coming from your customers and turn that into exciting, relevant and usable solutions that really work.

Shall we have a go at your customer puzzle?

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Research & strategy

Our projects answer one of three questions:

  • Who is “the customer”?
  • How do customers experience a product, service or interface?
  • How to improve a product or service based on customer insights?

Most projects start with research and data analysis (usability testing, observations, interviews, analytics etc) and move on to designing and testing ideas to improve the experience (customer groups, journey mapping and rapid prototyping tools).

Waiting experience

UMC Utrecht

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Who is the customer?


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Improving passenger experience


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Testing a new sports product

Global sports brand

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Customer journey masterclass


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UX/CX Design

Our designs start and end with how people use it.

To do this, we follow a design thinking approach – designing from the needs of core user groups and iterating on the way. As we check and re-check with users, we uncover valuable insights and anecdotes. We share these with our clients so they can “see” what their customers experience in “real life”. Eye-opening, exciting, and inspiring. Always.

Self-service experience


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Tablet assisted sales

De Bijenkorf

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Bag drop-off


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College choice tool

Ministry of education

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10+ research & design projects

Global sports brand

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CX for Startups

We work with leading incubators like YES!Delft, Startup in Residence and Collider to bring a customer-driven approach to young companies. We’ve mentored and trained 80+ startups in how to create a winning value proposition based on customer needs.

We also work directly with startups in a simple 4 step process to craft a proposition that delivers a story startups can tell on their site, social media and in investor forums.

Startup in Residence

City of Amsterdam

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Start-up accelerator

Collider Amsterdam

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Customer discovery

The Social Handshake

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CX Interim

Clients sometimes ask us to implement solutions we’ve designed, or to join their team temporarily in a CX/UX role.

That’s why we launched ‘CX Interim’ in 2020, placing our best and brightest – trained in Cnote’s world-class UX/CX environment – in client teams, either as project manager, UX researcher or implementation lead. Our hallmark? We get the job done.

Project lead CS program

Global sports brand

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