A tool built 100% from the needs of students

College Choice Tool

Ministry of Education

Around 25% of Dutch students end up switching studies. We designed the first-ever university choice tool to help high school students make that important decision.

The tool guides high school students through the complex process of choosing the right college or university, and the right subject, for them. It makes use of proven methods and tools and fits within the needs and mindsets of all different types of high school students, as well as their teachers and counselors.


  4 months


  In-depth user interviews
  Customer groups and journeys
  Co-creation workshops
  Prototype testing

Making important decisions

We carried out extensive research among high school students, first and second year university students, teachers and study counselors to understand the world of choosing a subject and a university today. Taking a methodical step-by-step approach allowed us to understand the varying needs of students at this point in their lives while also taking into account the varied methods already in use by counselors and teachers.

We discovered many different types of ‘choosers’, each requiring a different approach since someone who has known all their life what they want to do is completely different from someone who has been putting off the decision for years. Building off existing methods, we created current and optimal journeys for each of these types.

Through fully understanding the different mindsets, needs and motivations we designed a prototype tool that helps students choose. We held co-creation sessions with the National Student Committee (LAKS) and tested the prototype that came out of that with over 250 students in order to come up with a Proof of Concept.

Up until now it was all so … loose. You visit a university. You read a flyer. If only I had this earlier!

-student after testing our tool

Facts & figures


Schools visited


Students and counselors interviewed


Students tested our prototype

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