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UX & CX Design

Our designs start and end with how people use it

UX Design

Our UX (user experience) designs always start with how people are going to be using your product or service and in this, we take a design thinking approach. We design from the needs of core user groups and iterate on the way, as we validate, prototype and user test.

Along this process, we’re uncovering valuable insights and needs of the core users and share these with our clients so they can “see” how their users experience their product or service in real life. Eye-opening, exciting, and inspiring. Always.

Our user experience designers are experts in combining usability with consumer behavior, market research, design that works, and trends in technology.

The key to our UX is simplicity – and ease is paramount. We eliminate steps where possible and provide just-in-time information to the user. See our UX design for KLM, where we created an intuitive machine interface that took the difficulties of bag drop into account to allow the passenger to effectively check their bag in quickly and securely.


CX Design

We don’t stop at UX design (which is focused on the interaction with digital interfaces like websites, apps and kiosks), but place this in the context of the full CX (customer experience).

CX entails all the interactions a customer has with your brand. Something that is included in the CX design is for example customers’ interaction with the customer service. A great CX design will generally result in higher customer satisfaction, higher NPS, etc.

Take for example the Tablet Assisted Sales for the Bijenkorf: we not only designed the digital experience on the tablet (UX) but we delivered this in the context of the full experience of Bijenkorf employees and customers – training for example on the interactions that take place on the floor, to ensure a premium service.

There are amazing opportunities for organizations when they work from the customer view, understand their needs from A – Z and are able to design experiences that sing. Contact us for more practical examples or let us show you how we can improve your UX / CX.


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