Using tablets to create a premium sales experience

Tablet Assisted Sales

De Bijenkorf

De Bijenkorf wanted to offer a personal service for customers to help when the right size or color was out of stock in-store.

Cnote designed a tablet interface that sales staff use to check availability, provide alternatives or order items to be delivered to the customer’s home.

But we didn’t stop at the interface. We designed out the full experience and dialogue with the customer to ensure a premium service would be provided.


  3 months


  Expert review
  Interface design
  Journey mapping
  User testing

Making sales easy

We started the project with extensive in-store research where we spent hours on the sales floor understanding the daily work of the sales staff and the behavior of customers. From there, we designed a Tablet Assisted Sales specific experience aimed at enabling sales staff to make a sale by quickly checking availability and being able to offer alternative items or other routes to a sale when needed. To ensure a premium service, we also included extra functionality, such as being able to print receipts on demand, and devised the optimal placement of tables around the store.

Most importantly, we trained sales staff to proactively use a tablet or phone as part of their regular sales approach and how to identify and engage the type of customers who would benefit from the process.

After the two successful test launches exceeded extra revenue targets, the Tablet Assisted Sales experience was rolled out across The Netherlands.

Facts & figures


Sales employees shadowed


Types of customers identified


Pilots delivering extra revenue

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