Identifying customer groups to craft a distinct customer strategy

Who’s the customer?


The international children’s fashion brand Vingino wanted to understand who was buying their clothes for what reasons, to improve the B2C in-store and the B2B wholesale experiences.

Cnote set up a research and analysis plan to identify different customer groups and their journeys. This was used to develop a targeted marketing and sales program to boost revenue and loyalty.


12 weeks


Customer journeys
Data analytics
CX strategy
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Vingino short
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How do parents shop?

Who knew that for some parents it was “all about the jeans”, while for others Vingino t-shirts were just a fun add-on in their child’s closet?  We spoke with children, parents and employees to find out what drives Vingino shoppers and define 6 different customer types using insights like these.

To drive B2B business, we spoke with resellers (department stores, large eCom players, as well as mom and pop stores) to understand how Vingino performed vs competition, and what role the Vingino brand played in their business.

The outcome? A distinct customer experience strategy for each customer type co-created with their marketing team. The sales team used this to focus their efforts both wholesale and retail customer needs, improving in-store sales and the B2B order book.


Facts & figures


 Parents & kids interviewed


Stores visited


Customer Strategy

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