Customer research & Strategy

Customer Research & Strategy

From customer understanding to an experience that sings

As CX strategists our first step is to understand the customer. Our projects start with customer research and data analysis. We conduct interviews, observe, conduct usability testing and place this within the context of your available data. Our strength lies in translating these insights to a exceptionable customer strategy that works.

In the past 15 years, we’ve helped organizations with a customer strategy that seamlessly fits their customer’s needs and the organization’s context and goals. For the international children’s fashion brand Vingino, we identified different customer groups that purchased their clothes and mapped their current and ideal customer journeys. This was used to develop a targeted marketing and sales programme to boost revenue and loyalty.

For the UMC Utrecht, we conducted research on the waiting experience in their pharmacies. By conducting observations and interviews, we came to clear insights into the current bottlenecks. Through co-creation sessions with the pharmacy team, we were able to further develop a better strategy to improve the patient experience and successfully decreased waiting times.

An important part of our approach to customer strategy – is empowering organizations and teams to place their customers front and center and providing them with the tools to do this. We developed the tool 5hellos, a 1-hour conversation tool that lets you get direct user feedback on content, design or ideas. The 5hellos guide takes you by the hand to select questions and lead the session like a pro. All it takes is 5 people and 5 questions to get the insights that will make your work even better.



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Waiting experience research

Customer research

Customer Journey template

Customer Journey Template

To empower others to take a customer-centric approach, we like to offer you our customer journey template. With a customer journey you map the full experience of being a customer. You look at the different interactions that a person has with your company. In doing so, you can better understand your customers expectations and experiences and see where there is room for improvement.

Start with the touchpoints: How is the customer interacting with your company? Via which channels? Then, you map the emotions, needs and acitivites of your customer on the first three rows. At last, use the remaining two rows to map what your company is doing to make it happen and how your staff feels about this process.

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