Getting in the minds of teenage football players​

Testing a new sports product

Global sports brand

We love researching user interactions with new products, whether they’re physical products, digital products or, like in this case, the combination of the two. ​


  4 weeks


  Prototype testing
  Packaging design



Combining physical with digital

​Due to confidentiality, we need to be discrete about the specifics of this project.

The global sports brand, together with two other major Fortune500 companies, created a physical product to use alongside a digital game, enabling teenage football players to challenge themselves, challenge others and, most importantly, go outside and play. The game included a physical element and two mobile apps that all interacted: a textbook example of an omnichannel experience.

With a prototype of the product and the apps, we designed out several user flows. In 1:1 user testing sessions, we interviewed teenagers, taking them through the different scenarios, we gathered feedback on the concept and observed as they played and interacted with the product.

Based on user input, we designed out improvements to the product (both physical and digital) and recommended a sharpened positioning. We redesigned the packaging of the product to include better instructions. The product launched worldwide last March.


Facts & figures


1:1 interviews


New packaging design


Prototypes tested

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