CX for Start-ups

CX for Start-ups

From customer discovery to a winning proposition

We know how important it is to have a clear story to tell on your site, social media or to your investors. Throughout the years, we’ve mentored and trained 200+ startups on how to create a winning value proposition based on customer needs and focus. We work together with leading incubators and accelerators to bring a customer-driven approach to young companies.

For the Startup in Residence programme – set up by the City of Amsterdam to find innovative solutions to public challenges – we provide training in ‘Customer Discovery’ and mentor start-ups towards a pilot. We also designed a hands-on, interactive toolkit on how to set up and run the Startup in Residence programme elsewhere.

Since the marketing & advertising (MAd) tech accelerator Collider launched in 2018, we’ve been the ‘customer discovery’ counterpart. We don’t only train and coach start-ups, we also invest. Since 2020, we’re part of a ‘Crack Team’, shaping the  Collider 2.0. With a focus on the later stage start-ups, we intensively bring customer focus, positioning and strategy to the table. Comparatively, we work with incubators like Yes!Delft and the AMS Institute Start-up Booster programme.

We also work directly with start-ups to create customer driven solutions with a better CX (customer experience). In a simple 4 step programme, we lead start-ups through customer validation. Together, we capture their values, solution and story in a compelling proposition that they can communicate to the world and translate throughout everything they do.

For example, in an 8-week customer discovery process, we led the start-up “The Social Handshake” through customer research, translated insights to a focused value proposition and by doing so, helped them prepare pitches for their investors, share their proposition with potential clients and users, and inform the design of their dashboard.




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