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The Social Handshake

In an 8-week customer discovery process, we led the team through customer research and translated insights to a focused value proposition and a sharpened pitch for potential investors. Besides the renewed proposition and pitch, customer discovery helped the start-up view their customer base in a new way, understanding the different needs and motivations, helping them focus on the core groups that matter.


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Customer discovery
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Customer discovery & training the team

The start-up developed a tool that allows employees to support good causes straight from their salary. In preparation of a new round of investment, they asked us to help with their customer discovery and formulating their customer value proposition.

The customer discovery project started off by conducting 30 interviews with employees on the payroll of medium to large sized organizations (their potential users), and coached the start-up team along the way to conduct customer interviews themselves as well. In two customer journey sessions with the team, we translated the insights from the research to 5 key customer groups and designed out their current and ideal ‘donation journeys’.

Based on these insights we had three subsequent sessions on formulating the customer value proposition of The Social Handshake, and translated this into a sharpened focus in terms of target customer and an improved pitch deck for investors, based on user needs. The sharpened value proposition also translates to user-driven communication in the tool, and new elements for the tool that speak to the ideal experience from a user point of view.

As we’ve given the tools for customer discovery, the start-up can now go through the same process again, interviewing the potential buyers of their tool (HR officers, entrepreneurs, etc) to sharpen the value proposition for their buyers and designing out the ideal journey from a buyer perspective. 


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