The hands-on toolkit enabling anyone to run their own public incubator programme

SIR Toolkit


Amsterdam set up Startup in Residence (SIR) for innovative solutions to public challenges. In this unique incubator, startups pilot solutions, working with the city towards a European tender with the city as launching customer.

As Cnote has been deeply involved in the programme, we understood their needs and designed the Startup in Residence Toolkit.


  6 months


  Information design
  Iterative testing
traning municipality Amsterdam

A tookit to create your own SIR programme

The SIR programme in Amsterdam is such a success that municipalities, provinces and ministries in the Netherlands and Europe are interested in running SIR programmes themselves. To ensure consistencyacross the programmes, we designed a hands-on, interactive toolkit on how to set up and run the Startup in Residence programme elsewhere, based on a deep understanding of the needs of those setting up SIR.

The toolkit takes you by the hand and guides you to the creation process of a SIR programme. It gives a step-by-step guide to set up and run the programme from the beginning to the end, offering a workbook and a library with useful attachments. It’s especially meant for those who want to explore a new, innovative way of working and to develop or expand an existing SIR programme.

It’s a typical example of an information design project – where Cnote took a design-thinking approach to creating the toolkit. It’s 100% based on user needs, based on extensive interviews and user tests with 10+ teams across the Netherlands involved in a current form of the SIR programme within their own government. We tested and iterated with project leads in ministries (Ministry of Justice & Safety), provinces (Noord-Holland + Overijssel) and Cities (Enschede, Groningen, Haarlem and Amsterdam)

The toolkit comes from the collective knowledge of 4 years of SIR. It’s awesome to see how Cnote created a hands on toolkit that makes you go YES I want this.

-Minouche Cramer, founder SIR Amsterdam

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