What do the most successful companies have in common? They all listen and learn from their customers. Cnote’s Insights Center helps you get inside customers’ heads and understand the motivations behind their actions.

The Center offers 4 programs, each with its own set of qualitative and quantitative tools.


The Customer Scan
What’s going on? How can it get better?

Today, thanks to ‘Big Data’, companies know faster than ever when something is
wrong with customer satisfaction or NPS numbers. But what’s behind the numbers?
And more importantly, what can be done about it?

Result: the top 5 actions (and more) to kick start your product or service.

See how The Customer Scan worked for

> Transavia - Passenger Experience

> Expresso - E-commerce

> KLM - Self-service bag drop

Or read the white paper (in Dutch)

How can an idea work even better for customers?

Imagine : there is a new functionality for your website, or a new service add-on,
or even a completely new product. You smell opportunity! but what does
the customer think?

Result: concrete solutions to align your idea even better with what your customers want.

The C team
How to get teams to live & breathe the customer?

Sure, employees care about the customer. But their reality is often work,
email, meetings and internal processes. So how do you ensure that they also have
heart for the customer?

Result: skills and tools for teams to put the customer perspective at the center.

‘Disrupt’ yourself
What does the future hold?

Disruption, innovation: the most overrated buzz words according to Forbes.
But reality is that customers are now shopping, travelling and living in ways unheard
of even 2 years ago. How will your products or services respond to these changes today?

Result: a tangible vision / roadmap on how to keep a product or service one step ahead.

See how 'Disrupt' yourself worked for

> The Hague - Breaking poverty

> KLM - Staff behavior

> ToBe - Learning portal

See how the The Test worked for

See how the The C Team worked for

> De Bijenkorf - Tablet assisted sales

> KLM - Kiosk innovation

> Expresso - Website conversion

> ING - Customer journeys

> The Hague - Pro-active calls

> Expresso - Service concept

A selection of tools we use in our progams to get deep into the minds of customers:

Or read the white paper (in Dutch)

Or read the white paper (in Dutch)

Or read the white paper (in Dutch)

Real Life Check © - Observations & interviews with customers in the context of their daily lives. This shows how customers interact with a product or service and identifies the golden insights on how to make it even more relevant for customers.

Be the Customer © - Employees become customers in their own company and do what the customer does. They record experiences and share in an interactive team session to discover pain points, strengths and opportunities (and it’s a lot of fun).

Customer Groups © - Through data, front-line staff insights and customer interviews, dynamic groups are created based on shared needs and attitudes. These attitudinal groups live and breathe in the organization, inform journey mapping and guide marketing strategies.

Expert review - Our customer experience experts apply insights from earlier studies, best practices in UX & CX and competitive benchmarking to evaluate a digital interface, service or concept from a customer’s perspective, including actions to improve the product or service.

Journey mapping - Through an interactive session, the team maps out the customer journey of (an aspect) of the product or service. The team digs into the customer experience today, and discovers what the ideal journey could be in the future.

Co-creation labs - Work together with customers in improving existing products, brainstorming on new concepts or creating visions for the future. This is often done iteratively to come to a final creative concept.


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