CX Strategist

What is a CX Strategist?

A CX strategist (customer experience strategist), helps companies to determine their brand meaning and translates this in an consistent brand story. This story forms the basis of the customer-centric customer experience strategy. A CX strategist makes sure that the companies strategy delivers a smooth and consistent customer experience across all touchpoints and at all stages of the customer journey.

Customer experience strategists at Cnote

As CX strategists we help you to improve the experience of your customers. In the last 15 years, we worked on several organization-wide cx projects. We always work from the “power of why”. “Why would a person stop what they’re doing today and instead start using our client’s service or product?”. We are thrilled to find out the answers to the questions that really matter to us: Who is “the customer”? How does this customer experience the product, service or interface? How to improve a product or service based on customer insights?

We often see that when firms try to find answers to these questions they fall for the focussing illusion and/or the illusion of explanatory depth. Meaning, they jump to conclusions too fast and/or attach too much significance to one or a few salient features. With our guidance we make you aware of such biases and help you to avoid them.

Besides organization-wide CX projects, we have also set-up specific strategies to improve the customer experience in specific fields. We have developed different research programs to understand the customer and their needs. Consequently, we translate these needs into actions that result in a comprehensive CX strategy.

Find some of our cases below.

Waiting experience

UMC Utrecht

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Who is the customer?


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Improving passenger experience


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Testing a new sports product

Global sports brand

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Customer journey masterclass


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New CX strategy alternative

Most projects start with research and data analysis (usability testing, observations, interviews, analytics etc) and move on to designing and testing ideas to improve the experience (customer groups, journey mapping and rapid prototyping tools). We do this to get a better understanding of the customers in your field. Without this knowledge, we are not able to construct a thorough CX strategy.

Because this research could take a fair amount of time, we developed a new tool for companies we do not have the time or resources to develop a comprehensive CX strategy. This tool is useful for companies who want to explore people’s opinion, needs or motivations on a specific topic. For example when you’re developing a new service or product. Furthermore, the tool is also useful when preparing for a larger UX quantitative study. To check some of the assumptions you’ve made about your customers.

Let our CX strategists know if you want help improving your customer experience. We could help you set up an exhaustive CX strategy or tell you more about our brand new one-hour 5Hellos tool!


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