CX Consultant

What is a CX consultant?

A customer experience (CX) consultant assists companies that need CX expertise. The consultant finds out what the weaknesses are in your customer experience and how they can be improved. Most of the time a consultant is hired on interim basis to improve the experience of projects.

CX consultant


How can a CX consultant improve my business?

A CX consultant can use its expertise for example to improve your customer research to evaluate a new product, or act as the voice of the customer for a particular project. Our senior CX consultants dig into your needs, and share relevant projects and industry knowledge with you to define a performance plan. One of our consultants brings you a few ideas and decides with you what best fits your company. After that, you and our consultant discuss together who will implement the different steps of the performance plan.



CX professional on interim basis

Since 2020, we are placing our best and brightest – trained in Cnote’s world-class UX/CX environment – in client teams, either as project manager, UX researcher or implementation lead. These CX professionals will be supported by a senior CX/UX manager. The senior CX/UX experts’ job is to understand your needs to deliver the right people for the right jobs and mentor the Cnote staffer in your team, so you don’t have to.

How it works in a nutshell:

  1. You have a specific customer project or team you need help with.
  2. The Senior CX manager digs into your needs, comes with ideas, and suggests a CX professional who might be able to help you.
  3. You decide if the professional fits your company.
  4. When there’s a fit, the professional starts working in your team.
  5. Behind the scene, our senior CX manager mentors the professional and his performance is enhanced weekly with relevant parallels and proven approach.
  6. The senior manager will also check with you on a regular basis.
  7. When your goals are accomplished, we can happily close the project.

We do not only have access to our own team of CX seniors and professionals. We also have an amazing network of professionals who we work with when we need to scale up.


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