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We’re looking for an entrepreneurial spirit to build a dedicated panel community for our 5hellos  tool.


For our online conversation tool ( we’re looking for an entrepreneurial spirit to build our panel community. In short, 5hellos is a tool that empowers any employee or entrepreneur to have a conversation with their customer – to check their work (like a campaign or a new homepage) or better understand their customer’s needs.

An important aspect of the tool is the dedicated 5hellos community: a group of fresh, smart, enthusiastic minds that enjoys giving feedback to organizations they love.

With the 5hellos community, we aim to be something different from all the customer panels that are out there today: we want people to join because they can get in touch with the organizations they love, because they can earn coffee dates with people in interesting positions, they can attend webinars and meet people they find interesting.

We’re looking for someone who can take this from a vision, to execution – someone to create a plan and bring that plan into action.

What you’ll be doing:

  • Writing a plan to build our 5hellos community from to 500 people in the next 4 months
  • Validating your plan, to ensure your ideas meet the needs of those we’d like in our community
  • Executing the plan: set up the marketing to reach our market with the right message, set up the processes to welcome members, keep them engaged, invite them to 5hellos conversations, etc.
  • Supporting in the 5hellos operations – finding the right panelists, communicating with clients, etc.

We’re looking for someone who …

  • Loves coming up with creative and pragmatic ideas
  • Is a ‘DO’-er: someone who can think out the plan into detail, and then translate it to action
  • Is goal oriented, and sees it as a challenge to build our panel to 500 people
  • Isn’t afraid to use their network and connections to try things out
  • Has experience in online marketing, including e-mail marketing and social media marketing
  • Can work well both independently (getting things up and running) and in a team (working together to come with creative ideas, new perks for the community, etc.)
  • Preferably has experience with WordPress or Webflow and (basic) knowledge of html
  • Is fluent in both English and Dutch

Contact us

We’re flexible in how we want to fill this vacancy. Either as a 4 – 6 month internship that’s, for example, part of a study in the direction of communication, marketing or creative business. In that case – we’re open to providing room for a thesis aspect as well, and are happy to provide guidance (as we’ve done for students before). In that case, we are also open to offering a full time position post-internship. We also see the possibility of filling this vacancy as a junior position. In both cases, we’ll provide a suitable salary. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me (Sophie Geelen; ; 0611774803)

About Cnote and 5hellos

We’re a creative Customer Experience agency based in Amsterdam that designs products and services based on a deep understanding of people’s needs.

We work for start-ups, corporates (like KLM and Adidas) and public organizations (like the Amsterdam Municipality). We design online experiences, human-centered processes, toolkits, and empower organizations to be more customer-centric through customer strategy, insights, training, workshops and interim work.

In 2020, we developed the 5hellos conversation tool ( because we believe in the power of conversation, to give you insights you’d otherwise miss, and to provide the ‘why’ behind data. We’re piloting 5hellos with a group of corporates and start-ups and are officially launching for the rest of the world in January 2020.