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Our 5Hellos connection tool empowers anyone to have short conversations with customers.

Ask questions, get insights, open your eyes, improve your work.

Ready for real conversations? 

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Improve your work

With input from customers in, 1 hour or less. 

5Hellos is the online tool that allows anybody to speak to customers and have real conversations – for quick checks, brainstorms or input on your idea. 

Forget about the endless methods, features, user research jargon and the needed skills that make up the online tools today. his one is for the project managers, the POs, the copywriters, the creatives and the entrepreneurs.

5Hellos is launching in September. 
Sign up today and be the first to redefine customer-centric work.  


A tool so easy, you’ll want to do it again and again

Step 1
Set-up your project

Define your goal
Upload your content
Let us recruit 5 panelists

Step 2
Talk to 5 customers

Choose 5 questions
Talk! (and let us guide you)
Keep track of outcomes in the tool

Step 3
Take action

Process the conversation
Define actions
Improve your work

“5Hellos democratizes customer research. It’s about time we empower our teams to be truly customer centric.”

Join our panel

Or should we say, join our community?


The 5Hellos panel is a dedicated group of 500+ curious people excited to share their thoughts and insights through real conversations to improve products, services and content.

Join 30 min. conversations and provide input to your favorite brands, the coolest start-ups and public organizations. No prep work needed: Sign-up, join Zoom and talk away.  

As a panelist you …

  • Are curious and open minded
  • Love giving feedback, willing to make things better
  • Value the power of conversation
  • Can easily give your opinion in English (and Dutch)
  • Have time to join a conversations at least 2x per month
Yvonne green meet our team

Like Jacky

  • Master’s in Psychology

  • Learns things through YouTube

  • Loved giving input on a newsletter on a new running shoe of her fav brand

Why join?


Through 30 min. conversations with your favorite orgs. Be in the know on how they work and what they’re working on.



Access to our community of  panelists, companies, and start-ups. Earn coffee dates and Zoom calls with people you want to know. 


5,- shopping credit you can spend almost anywhere.