Cnote’s Social Inclusion Project works!

How to enhance social inclusion of citizens who are caught in a cycle of long-term unemployment, poverty and complex social problems? Cnote worked with the municipality of The Hague to design a service that would answer this question, in an EU-funded project. And, for the last 1.5 years, the municipality of The Hague and Trimbos Research Institute have been implementing the service, called  “Door-to-Door for Change”. This week, the first project results were presented at an international conference for policy makers and employment authorities in The Hague. The approach works: 40% of the pilot group is now more socially included (vs. control group 27%) and 5,4% have paid or volunteer work (vs. control group 0%).  Not surprisingly, Cnote won the CX Spark Award for the service design of the project and it’s great to see the results follow.

Next up are more detailed analyses and results, plus a cost-benefit analysis. From a qualitative perspective, positive reactions are numerous, both of target group citizens and conference participants. Don’t be surprised to see a comparable project coming up in the UK, Finland or the Czech Republic.