Cnote master class at the VU University

What does it mean to create products and services from the customer point of view? Cnote’s Creative Director Lea Ward and Consultant Sophie Geelen took the opportunity to interactively explore this question during a master class with VU University master’s students in marketing.

Using a case study from Dutch retailer Expresso, the class shared how Cnote’s Customer Groups tool can help a company  to identify the shared needs and attitudes of customers (instead of just looking at socio-demographic target groups). After interviewing and observing Expresso customers, sales personnelfront- and digging into the data, Cnote created different Customer Groups to help Expresso’s sales staff tailor their service to each customer.

Following the case study, the students had to create and map Customer Groups for their own businesses and use use Customer Journey Mapping to design out the ideal experience.

The second part of the class was given by Cnote’s client Transavia. Daan Noordeloos, Transavia’s Customer Strategy Manager introduced a pressure-cooker case: How to improve the Transavia’s experience for business travelers? Following his introduction, students had one day to use the Customer Groups & Mapping tools to design the ideal experience for Transavia’s business traveller, based on their understanding of this specific passenger segment and the lessons learned in Cnote’s lecture.

Interested in learning more? See Cnote’s “How to take a customer view” presentation on SlideShare (in Dutch). It offers a step-by-step guide on how to use the tools to create or improve a service based on customer needs.