Dutch do poorly on Forrester CX ranking

Cnote attended Forrester’s CX Rankings breakfast in the Amsterdam Conservatorium Hotel, presented by Joana van den Brink – Quintanilha. After surveying 15,000 customers in 7 European countries, Forrester created the European Customer Experience Index (CXi) that measures experiences on 3 factors:

1. Customer needs
2. Ease of use
3. Enjoyment in use

The good news?

There is lots of room for improvement for Dutch companies: 88% of Dutch brands scored no better than “OK”. No Dutch brand scored “Excellent”. This is partly cultural: the Dutch, like the French, rarely rate anything “Excellent”, but still, 88% means there’s a lot of work to be done.

Holland’s ‘best’ CX brands according to Forrester’s index are Bol.com and Kruidvat. Bol.com because it’s reliable and easy to use (and we liked the way they handled Sinterklaas, see our blog which Forrester also used as an example in their talk), and Kruidvat because of its surprising “deals”.

And the bad?

More than 35% of Dutch brands scored  “(Very) Poor” on customer experience –  And guess which sector leads the way? Yep, telecom providers like KPN & Hi. Aargh….we get that. Someday there will be a 100% customer driven telecom provider….

Want to read Forrester’s report on the European Customer Experience Index? Here’s the link (costs: $250).

At Cnote, we use the Experience Scan: A diagnostic tool that measures experiences and goes further than Forrester’s CXi as it gives deep insights on how to improve an experience.  Cnote’s Experience Scan is now in the statistical validation phase and should be coming to market later this year. Want to know more about the Experience Scan? Read about it on our blog: buildingtrustequity.com